How to have credit card with dirty name?

Credit card is an old creator of controversies when it comes to personal finance management. It is one of the main culprits for Brazilians’ defaults but can be a great ally when it comes to shopping online, for example, or paying for streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, quickly and conveniently. As the bank slip takes up to 3 days to process the payment and many sites (especially international) still accept only credit card, who does not have this controversial friend sometimes fails to take advantage of good shopping opportunities. Well, knowing that a credit card can be a good ally, but you have to be careful not to lose control and get into debt, other questions arise: and who is already in debt, can have a card? How to have credit card with dirty name?

The ideal is to clear the name and then look for a card. However, we do know about the convenience it brings and so we will help you understand all about restricted credit card and how to get a dirty name credit card. Check it out below:


Is it possible to open an account with a dirty name?

Is it possible to open an account with a dirty name?

When you register with the bank, whether you have a checking account, a savings account, or apply for a credit card, you send many documents, proof of residence and income, and from that, as well as consultations with Serasa and SPC, financial institution approves your request. All of this is done so that the bank has a guarantee that you are a good payer and will use their services to the best of their ability.

In general, there is the possibility of opening a bank checking account even if the name is dirty. However, the bank also has the choice not to approve your registration and it depends so much on your financial history (how large is the debt and how long it happens, how many creditors you have, etc.) and credit score, how much policy bank’s own credit approval This is because checking accounts usually have a package of customer benefits such as overdraft and pre-approved credit card. Some banks also offer account models with more basic benefit packages or without any of these services, such as payment accounts or payroll accounts, where users only receive payment deposits, withdraw and transfer, and move their balance through the function. debit Opening a savings account is a little easier as they do not have the overdraft limits or pre-approved credit that current accounts usually have.

However, to know if the bank will approve the opening of the current account, you need to look for a manager of the financial institution, inquire, question and even try a negotiation. And if you hear no for an answer, don’t be discouraged! Other banks may still have account options that fit your conditions, so keep trying.


How to have a credit card with the dirty name?

credit card with the dirty name?

Are you negative and wondering what to do to get a credit card? So you are in the right place! Applying for a dirty name credit card can be difficult on conventional models, but there are some other good solutions for those in this situation:


1. Prepaid Credit Card

Credit Card

The prepaid card is a good option for those who want to use the card for more basic functions such as shopping online. As the name implies, it is prepaid, meaning you deposit money first, as in a regular account. As a result, he has no approved credit limit and no installment on his purchases. The difference between prepaid credit card and debit card is in the way of swiping the card, as you can only use the credit function and the ease of buying online or paying for digital services like Netflix, since Few sites can process debit or debit card payments.


2. Payroll Credit Card

2. Payroll Credit Card

Payroll-deductible credit is a public servant loan model and is accompanied by a credit card where the amount approved in the loan is deposited and the installments are deducted directly from the payroll of the civil servant. It is a low interest loan and can be a good solution for those who need the card and can take advantage of part of the loan to pay off the debt. But remember that it is a form of credit that works only for civil servants, retirees, pensioners and the military, and also depends on a financial institution that is suitable for the workplace.


3. Digital Banks

3. Digital Banks

Not always having a dirty name means you’re a bad payer, you know that? This is due to the so-called credit score. A kind of score we received at Serasa from our financial history. If you have a bad name for a short time, have a debt with only one lender, have all the other accounts up to date, and never had trouble paying recurring expenses, your credit score is likely to be good. You can also use some gimmicks to try to increase your Serasa score by keeping your registration updated, avoiding frequently requesting credit, and finally clearing your name. If you’re in a hurry, check your credit score, and if it’s good, try applying for a card from digital banks like Rubank, Coreline or Moneysolven Bank.

But what is the best bank to make a credit card? Well, it depends a lot on your Serasa rating and also the card template you will choose. For prepaid card, the My Access card is an option without consultation at Serasa. If you intend to apply for payroll loans, always look for the lowest rates.


What is the purpose of the CPF consultation at Serasa or SPC?

credit cards

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to check with your Serasa or SPC CPF to find out what your credit score is and to get an idea of ​​the chance of credit card approval of your order. Knowing your rating, you also have a chance to improve your score and even try to clear your name . That way, credit card approval gets a lot easier and you also make your financial life easier, don’t you?

A CPF query is also a good way to find out if your name was removed from the SPC when you clear, this process usually takes around 5 business days.

To monitor the registration status of your CPF, there is even a paid service on the Serasa website itself, in which the institution warns you about the status of your registration, signals risk situations, if someone has made a query to your CPF and even created a debt in your name.


How to clear my name in SPC?

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As we have already said, the best option for those with restricted CPF is, first of all, to clear the name. To do this, the first step is to be fully aware of the value of your debt and your financial situation. Take advantage of our personal finance spreadsheet and organize every detail of your accounts. After arranging debts, one tip we have already given to repay credit card debt , for example, is to swap debt for a single, cheaper debt, such as a personal loan. At this time, a great option is the Bcredi secured and secured loan, which has one of the best rates in the market, is safe and has good repayment terms.

As we mentioned earlier, having a negative registration can be an impediment when opening a pre-approved current account or getting a credit card. Even so, there are several good options for those in a hurry to have a credit card like prepaid cards without consulting Serasa, digital accounts and payroll credit cards.

But the best thing is that there are also great ways to clear your name and increase your credit score before you use the card again, right? So take advantage of our tips for organizing your financial life, take advantage of our personal finance spreadsheet and don’t forget to use our online loan simulator to find the best home equity loan option for you to pay off your debts and clear your name.